Covid-19 and the church 

St Philip and St James church building, along with all Church of England churches, is shut for the time being, but the call is that we the people continue to be the church without access to the building. Here then are some of the ways life is continuing:-

Do you need help or advice? Then get in contact and we will be pleased to help.

New Picture (3)Medway Foodbank:- Voucher redemption possible - just call 01634 757057 for a delivery direct from the warehouse or follow the link to the website. 
Food donations are best by giving money on line. Thank you for thinking of those less fortunate than you at this time. Got any loo roll to spare?
Money Donations to the foodbank  online are also possible 

Phone links are really important. We are offering calling circles where each person in a group of 10 or so calls another within that group each day or two, and so gets a call as well, and there's encouragement to phone out to someone else as well of your choice. Want to join a group? Then make sure your phone number is visible on your churchsuite profile (or create one first) and then email to the office.

If you want to hear a recorded message of the week then call 01634 540650 - we will endeavour to change the message each Monday morning. The cost to you is the same as calling any other Medway number. 

We also have another line to call: 01634 540655. Click here for details of current recordings.


Want to know more about Christian Faith?  

Try Alpha "Exploring the Christian Faith" - FREE online!The Alpha course from Holy Trinity Church in Brompton (West London) is internationally famous as a really helpful way of exploring Christian faith. You can join an online course starting any Wednesday :-

Or download a leaflet - free and anonymously:-  The Real Easter

Also try this : "If  you could ask God one Question"

Coronavirus and christ Free ebook and audio files from John Piper.  
“This is a time when the fragile form of this world is felt. The seemingly solid foundations are shaking. The question we should be asking is, Do we have a Rock under our feet? A Rock that cannot be shaken—ever?”
—John Piper


Web based Worship Services :-

We are currently live-streaming Sunday services on our youtube channel at 10am on Sundays. Join us then or catch up when you are ready.

For all our other events including Sunday evening church, Prayer meetings, Cafe and Tots on line, then you are welcome to join us - head over to the church calendar and follow the links from there. 

piggy-bank-savings-jarFor church members: Giving to the church:-

Do you normally give cash? Then could you save up your donations - perhaps putting the money each time into a labelled jam jar - then when we reopen bring it with you in celebration.

Do you actually have a bank account? Then could you give from your bank to ours? If so then could you set up a standing order - start here.  
Obviously if you need to give less because you have less income then we understand - do remember to adjust that with your bank on line or via telephone banking. Let us know if you need help

Lots of groups have offered events and resources for free at this time. The links here take you to external websites, for which we cannot be held responsible for, and remember the offers may have expired:-


  • David Suchet reads the NIV audio bible - currently a free app (was £20) on your favourite app store. Android here:- David Suchet
  • For the full range of Religious broadcasting from the BBC across all faiths then look here.
  • Kevin Moore - one of our linked missionaries has produced a beautiful and helpful document to help us pray at this time.

Do join us on line for worship - this from Sunday 31st May 2020:-

Last updated 01/06/2020