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Currently we are running a series of sermons which are the best from the archives - recent and not so recent. Do phone in and listen - the talks change Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am.

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also carries pre-recorded talks on themes especially recorded for this Covid-19 season. They change every Monday morning. Do tell your non-internet enabled friends and family such as Great Aunt Agatha and the like.

Did you know the national Church of England are offering a phone in service too?
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We started using the 01634 540655 line for Holy Week (hence the information below). Then from Easter to Pentecost 2020 we offered a short bible reading and prayer focused around the "Stations of the Resurrection" that is the bible passages that relay the events from Easter Day to Ascension. Basic material is taken from "Times and Seasons" a Church of England resource:

Click a link to hear it on line. 

The plan is this:
Wednesday 15th 9am to Friday 17th April 9am: I The earthquake      Matthew 28.2-4   

then Friday 17th until Monday 20th April: II Mary Magdalene finds the empty tomb    John 20.1,2

Monday 20th 9am to Wed 22nd April: III The disciples run to the empty tomb        John 20.3-8

from Wed 22nd April 9am: IV The angel appears to the women  Matthew 28.5-8     or Mark 16.3-8   or Luke 24.2-9

From Friday 24th April : V Jesus meets the women           Matthew 28.9,10

From Monday 27th April VI The road to Emmaus         Luke 24.28-35

From Wed 29th April: VII Jesus appears to the disciples    Luke 24.36-43  or John 20.19,20

From Friday 1st May: VIII Jesus promises the Spirit Luke 24.44-49

From Monday 4th May: IX Jesus commissions the disciples John 20.21-23

From Wednesday 6th May: X Jesus breathes the Spirit in the upper room John 20.22,23

From Friday 8th May: XI Jesus reveals himself to Thomas John 20.24-29

From Monday 11th May: XII Jesus appears at the lakeside John 21.9-13

From Wednesday 13th May: XIII Jesus confronts Peter John 21.15-19

From Friday 15th May: XIV Jesus and the beloved disciple John 21.20-23

From Monday 18th May: XV Jesus appears to over five hundred at once  1 Corinthians 15.3-6

From Wednesday 20th May XVI Jesus commissions the disciples on the mountain Matthew 28.16-20

From Friday 22nd XVII The ascension Acts 1.3-11  (Ascension Day is Thursday 21st May - and the start of ten days of focussed prayer around Thy kingdom Come)

From Monday 25th May XVIII Pentecost Acts 2.1-11 - recorded by Bishop James. Bishop of Rochester.

From Wed 27th May XIX Jesus appears to Saul (Paul)  Acts 9.1-18 or 1 Corinthians 15.8 

From Friday 29th May - a further reflection for Pentecost (Pentecost Sunday is Sunday 31st May). from Dot Brame on Pentecost 2016.


You can still Listen to "the week that changed the World" on VImeo FOR FREE:- 

The week that changed the worl Dr Peter Walker is one of the leading experts on Jerusalem and the Holy Land from a Christian perspective. His reflections for Holy Week are available either on Vimeo (we have paid for a license so contact us for a link to get it free - don't pay the £3.99 it would otherwise cost.

The sessions are: 
Jesus entering Jerusalem
Jesus in the nearby village of Bethany Mark 14:1-9
Jesus cleanses the Temple Mark 11:15-19
Jesus shares a meal with his friends Matt 26:26-29

Jesus waits in the garden of Gethsemane Luke 22:39-46
Jesus stands trial before Caiaphas Matt 26:57-68
Jesus encounters human evil and failure Luke 22:54-62
Jesus stand before Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas Luke 23:1-16
Jesus is sentenced to death John 19:1-16
Jesus is crucified John 19:17-37
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene John 20:1-18
Jesus appears to his followers in the upper room Luke 24:36-49

There is a "video" version (but it is just a still picture with the same audio) on vimeo at however please do NOT buy individual access, we have bought a bulk license - contact us for the link.  Once you have that you can listen at your leisure to the reflections.  More about Peter here.

A note from Martyn: I was a student at Wycliffe Hall (a theological college) when Peter was a lecturer there. He was brilliant then and has only improved over the years. Please take advantage of this amazing resource.