Andy Blake (Tanzania)

Mission: Helper

The Helper (msaidizi) Trust is a registered charity in Western Tanzania, founded by Andy Blake who was a member of Pip & Jims until God called him to serve with MAF as a missionary in 1992. His last 12 years have been in Kasulu and Kigoma where God gave him a vision for helping local people who are disadvantaged.

Andy says, 'Jesus Christ sees each and every human being. He makes as precious and equal. As we allow ourselves to agree with His perspective, so we see His strategy for building the kingdom of heaven includes us. It's not complicated.' In a society where gender imbalance is a big issue, we believe investment in women is a strategically important choice when it comes to building community and nation. We are engaged in life-changing and horizon-widening, be it in preaching, teaching Secondary school girls, or assisting women gain micro-finance loans, or access to a doctor or hospital. We acknowledge our responsibility to the whole person and in playing our small part in leading justice to victory through the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the UK, Friends of Helper exists to support in prayer and other ways.