Church suite

We use a system called ChurchSuite as our database of those who consider themselves to be part of Pip & Jim's Church.

ChurchSuite lets you:

  • update your contact details;
  • search for email addresses & phone numbers of other people in the church;
  • view our calendar of events and book for events;
  • sign up for Spaces groups;

...with more features coming soon!
  • Existing users can sign in to ChurchSuite.
  • If you're new to Pip & Jims, register for ChurchSuite and we'll send you login information. 
  • Recently third party cookies seem to be automatically blocked on chrome. To enable yourself to register if you get the enable cookies message then click on cookies (right end of address bar) then "show cookies and other site data" and move the blocked "" to allowed.... then you will be able to register! 
  • Still with problems then copy this web address into your browser: 

If you have any trouble logging in, get in touch with the office for help.