About us 

St Philip and St James (known as Pip & Jims) is part of the Church of England. We long to bring our worship to Jesus in our whole lives (not just on Sundays), and we want to enable more people to discover the love and transformation which Jesus can bring to individuals and communities.

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This from April 19th 2020:-

Our vision & values

There are three key elements to our vision:

  • To engage with a renewed or charismatic way of life. This means that we want to encourage and enable everyone to encounter, receive and use the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives.
  • To connect with our local community. We want to be good news for those who live and work in our community, serving people and meeting needs where we can.
  • To become a church which resources other churches in Medway. We don't want to keep what we have to ourselves, and want to share all that God has given us with others.

We have five values which underpin all that we do:

  • Your kingdom come, your will be done...on earth as it is in heaven. This is a direct quote from the Lord's Prayer and we long to see God's rule and reign in all that we do.
  • Love God, love neighbour. This is a four-word summary of Jesus' summary of the law, and St Paul tells us that without love, we are just clanging cymbals".
  • Let the Gospel be the only stumbling block. We want to tell people about the Good News of Jesus, but we don't want to put people off from hearing it in the first place - so we hope we offer a friendly welcome, comfy chairs, decent coffee etc!
  • Let the Spirit convict rather than the church condemn. We don't tell people how to live their lives, but we hope to give plenty of opportunities for the Spirit to speak into people's lives to prompt change if needed;
  • Every member missionary. All Christians are missionaries! Wherever we spend our time, we have opportunities to share the Gospel. As a church, we want to equip people to be missionaries in the workplace, school, coffee shop, gym etc.