Small groups 

Church isn't just about gathering on a Sunday morning! We want to be equipped to live our lives focussed on Jesus seven days a week. One way we do that is through our small groups, and there are two main types of groups available.

Home groups

Home groups are small groups which typically meet together fortnightly, and most gather on Wednesday evening, generally the 2nd and 4th of each month. Home groups run throughout the year and each group varies its theme/focus, but groups typically include opportunities to explore the Bible and hot topics from a Christian perspective, pray for and support each other as well as having fun together!


We know that in the busyness of our lives, it can be hard to carve out the space to invest in our relationship with God and friendships with each other. Spaces are small groups designed around a particular topic or activity each lasting for a 12-week term (some meet weekly, others meet fornightly during that time) so you don't have to commit to a group indefinitely. Go to the what's on page to discover more

You can read more about the thinking behind Spaces on our Facebook Page.