David Stearns (Uganda)

David Stearns, first visited Uganda in 1997 and has been involved in a variety of projects from helping to manage a retreat centre to co-pastoring a local church and working with vulnerable youth. 

With a passion to bring sustainability to social projects reaching needy people, he pursued a vision to build a pro-poor, fair-trade guesthouse in Entebbe. Facing many challenges the guesthouse remains unopened, but a rented property was launched on airbnb and gained super-host status.

David met and married his wife Robin in Uganda in 2012, becoming an instant dad with two Uganda daughters, Rayah and Sarah. Their third and youngest daughter, Talia was also born in Uganda. Currently re-assessing their work, they continuing to support malnourish children and their carers in the community, through Robin’s US based charity Zemba Children’s Foundation, in partnership with Ugandan friends and colleagues Blessed and Andrew Otema.